Corporate Responsibility

More than just a security company

Afrisec aims to contribute to the economic and social welfare of the communities in which we operate. Which is why we’ve implemented a number of social development programs to help do our part for our social infrastructure.

Nchelenge Hospital Children’s Ward

The Nchelenge Hospital provides valuable medical care in a region struggling with malaria, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Afrisec is helping this key facility to deliver to those in need by providing the funds, equipment and labor to upgrade the facilities in the children’s ward.

Fishermen’s Day


After pioneering the annual Nchelenge Fishermen’s Day in May 2006, Afrisec continues to sponsor this event to educate community fishermen on water safety at Lake Mweru. The event is further supported by the Health Department and Department of Fisheries who hold information sharing sessions on HIV/AIDS and safe fishing practices respectively.

Fish Farming Workshops

We also hold community workshops to help educate local fishermen on sustainable fishing through theoretical training sessions. These are combined with practical sessions on how to stake, dig and manage a fish pond, helping to ensure the fishermen are able to look after the environment as well as they look after themselves.

Mwatishi Farm Development Project


We assisted a group of local farmers in constructing an agricultural training centre for the Mwatishi community. The project consists of a fish hatchery, fish farm, plantations (palm, banana and paw-paw), citrus orchard, chicken pens and piggery, as well as a waterwheel to help support local irrigation.