Our Services

The Afrisec group provides an extensive range of specialized security services. These include:

  • Asset in Transit Protection
  • Manned Guarding
  • Truth Verification through Layered Voice Analysis
  • Investigations & Recovery
  • Commodity Tracking

Asset in Transit Protection

High-value goods are often at their most vulnerable when in transit, and the need for protection today is paramount as numerous security threats face valuable freight as it moves around the world. With a keen understanding of the unique security requirements on our continent, Afrisec offers specialised protection for any type of precious cargo. Wherever your assets are headed across Southern Africa, from the DRC to Tanzania, to South Africa and Namibia and beyond, they’re guaranteed to remain safeguarded through our range of extensively tested escort procedures.

We do this through constant tracking and monitoring via designated control centres that are manned 24/7. Supported by the continuous feedback of security personnel stationed with your cargo, these centres are equipped to immediately respond and activate emergency procedures if necessary.

Manned Guarding

We know that the type of security needed for an office is very different to that of a warehouse, a factory, a construction site, or even a commercial site like a mine. Our highly skilled guards cover these types of premises and more, and are backed with constantly vetted training and our variety of electronic security systems.

Maintaining our belief in using the absolute best personnel, everyone from our security officers to our manned guards is handpicked from a rigorous selection process. And, because we insist on only the highest levels of professionalism, we maintain a staff that not only prides themselves on their work, but on always being well-presented and respectful too.

Layered Voice Analysis

LVA is a professional-level emotion analyzer based on Layered Voice Analysis technology. By analyzing key vocal properties in a person’s speech to determine their state of mind, it can indicate a complex range of human emotions, and thus detect possible issues that may compromise the security of your business.

This technology can be used for simple human resource procedures such as pre-employment vetting or general honesty maintenance, but also has useful applications in focused investigations such as:

  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Theft of company assets
  • Personal theft
  • Company vehicle accidents
  • Insurance claim validation
  • Investigations

    Security issues in your company are often not only difficult to detect, but also problematic to handle internally. Our experienced investigators assist clients with both internal and external investigations, making use of a range of advanced technologies for truth verification of everything from theft to fraud to insurance claims.

    Commodity Tracking

    Whatever it is, Afrisec provides a reliable and innovative way to secure it. We offer specialized commodity-tracking units, which can be fitted on the trailer or on the commodity itself. Afrisec is proud to offer this unique product which is specifically tailored for the mobile commodity industry. The units have been developed in-house and all research and development is done based on the years of experience within the Afrisec group. The three options of tracking available are direct Satellite, terrestrial GPRS or a combination of both with the use of our Hybrid system (Satellite & GPRS). Afrisec will make recommendations to the client on which option is the best to use in their respective area of operation.