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Secure Cargo Management



Our Industries


Afrisec is uniquely positioned to provide specialised logistical security on the African continent. Our familiarity and understanding of the specific challenges our continent present enables us to tailor our services to the needs of our clients.


Our highly trained and motivated guards enable us to protect your site, staff, materials, and equipment in even the most remote areas.

High-Value Commodities

Commodity security includes the entire chain, from mining to storage, transit to port, and eventual offloading. At Afrisec we are experienced in safeguarding assets at every stage of the process.

Industrial & Corporate Facilities

Our professional staff are equiped to provide comprehensive protection and guarding against threats to industrial, commercial, or residential premises.


What We Do For You


Goods in Transit Protection

High-value goods are often at their most vulnerable when in transit from mine to shipping port, facing a multitude of potential security risks on route. Afrisec has the ability to provide a consistent escort service from mine to port through all countries without having to change service providers on route.


Commodity Tracking

Afrisec has its own unique proprietary commodity tracking system, offering specialised tracking solutions for vehicles or the commodity itself. The successfully-proven tracking options are based on network coverage. Options available are GSM, Satellite or Hybrid, supported by 24/7 Control Centres.


Control Centres

Control Centres support Afrisec security operations 24/7 in each country of responsibility, ensuring comprehensive communication, coordination, information sharing and logging of operational activities with internal and external stakeholders, inclusive of public service support, as required.



Maintaining our belief in using the absolute best personnel, everyone from our security officers to our manned guards is handpicked from a rigorous selection process. We insist on the highest levels of professionalism, our staff prides themselves on their work as well as their appearance.



Afrisec can provide investigation services internally or externally to our clients. Investigations are conducted by experienced investigators, making use of advanced technologies where applicable.


Transporter Vetting & Assistance

On request, Afrisec can assist its clients with the vetting and background checks on prospective transporters.
On request, Afrisec can assist with management of roadside assistance and towing services.


Afrisec Group

Afrisec Group believes in the value of strong partnerships with its clients. We are a company that understands the importance of establishing strong relationships, actively engaging all stakeholders with a firm conviction that it ensures optimal service delivery. The values of integrity and trust in our services are accomplished by means of the balanced application of verified policies and procedures, carefully selected personnel and tested technical and physical measures. These values, along with the principles of strong collaboration with stakeholders and a hands-on approach, confirm the high level of service delivery to our clients.

Cooperative Partnership

Our broad portfolio of extraordinary partners who place their trust in our core values inspire us to continue exceeding their expectations.

Our Commitment

Our growth has been based on word of mouth which is why we are fully focused on providing the highest level of individual service within our industry.


Afrisec By the Numbers

Afrisec Group has an operational presence with support structures in Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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